Liberate yourself from VS project files

I have been using the .NET framework professionally since the very first release. And there are some things I like about the framework, others not so much. But there is one thing that really annoys me; one thing that I think is fundamentally wrong with .NET ecosystem. There is a tight coupling between your project […]

Using FSpec with NCrunch

If you have the excelent Visual Studio plugin, NCrunch, you can have it run FSpec tests as you are writing your code – with some limitations, unfortunately. The primary limitation is that NCrunch sees the entire test suite as one test. Therefore, it is not able to: Display specifically which test(s) have failed, only if […]

FSpec goes 0.1 (with Foq support)

FSpec has just bumbed the version number from 0.0.8 to 0.1.0. There are two important aspects to learn from the version number. It’s no longer 0.0.x. I believe that the general interface will be more or less stable now. It’s not 1.0! FSpec is missing some features that you would expect from a mature test […]

Getting Started with FSpec

This post will give a quick guide of how to get started with FSpec. Generally, you would want to have unit tests separated from the production code that is under test, so start by creating a new F# project. The FSpec core contains code that can discover and execute the tests in an assembly, so […]

Comparing FSpec to NSpec

NSpec is another context/specification framework that has been available for some time. I will here try to compare an example between NSpec and FSpec. This example is taken from the NSpec web site. class describe_contexts : nspec { // context methods require an underscore. For // more info see DefaultConventions.cs. void describe_Account() { // contexts […]

Introducing FSpec

Over the last couple of months, I have been woking on FSpec, a test framework for .NET, heavily inspired by RSpec. FSpec at GitHub (More comprehensive documentation found there) There already exist a couple of test frameworks for the .NET platform, taking a similar approach to testing as RSpec – I am aware of NSpec […]