Which Lines of Business have I worked with?

I have experience in the following lines of business:

  • Emergency response

    I have worked for Falck, the largest provider of fire and ambulance emergency response in Denmark, and a major provider worldwide. During this course of time, we delivered a number of applications and software services assisting Falck in optimizing their readiness to respond to emergency situations, as well as other back office functions for their emergency response department.

  • Biochemical/medical

    For more than 3 years, I provided assistance to the R&D department at Dako, developing software for pathology laboratories. This has given experience on FDA compliance and IEC-62304, Software life cycle processes for medical devices, and how to adapt these into agile software development practices.

  • Mortgage

    I worked on a software project at BRFkredit, major mortgage credit company. The project was about case handling for large scale loan applications.

  • Recruitment

    For an extended period of time, I was responsible for development and maintenance of IT-Jobbank, a major online job portal, specifically targeted for IT professionals, and IT jobs.

  • Insurance

    For a period I helped develop software for Scalepoint, a Danish company that supplies claim management software to insurance companies.